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A fitness professional with a driven mentality; always striving to be at his best and help others do the same. 

My name is Jamie McGuinness. I am 29 years old and have played professional soccer for 10 years in the UK and America. Whilst playing I continued my education and developed a deep understanding of - and qualifications in:

 -  Personal Trainer

 -  Sport Strength and Conditioning Specialist

 -  Soccer Specific Strength and Conditioning Specialist

 -  Sports Specific Nutritionist

 -  Wellbeing Nutritionist 

I have an undying passion within the health and fitness industry to help as many people as possible incorporate exercise and wellbeing into their lives.

 1966 JM Training offers its clients the opportunity to train like elite athletes and provide them with the knowledge they need to change their lives. You can expect dedication, a deep-rooted knowledge and new and exciting techniques to take your fitness to new levels.

 I have worked with many professional athletes, some of whom are internationally recognised, as well as helping a diverse range of other people reach their short and long term fitness goals. 

All of my training programmes have been created to provide you with a total approach to fitness; it’s about equipping you with all the tools you’ll need to succeed, whether in or outside the gym. You’ll be pushed beyond your self-imposed limits and then supported with clear and concise guidance on a range of complimentary disciplines.  

Potential is merely unfulfilled ability but 1966 JM Training takes all those who are serious about results to the level they aspire to get to - as quickly as possible. 

My complete approach to fitness is all about educating you in all aspects of your nutrition and how to fuel your body in the right way. It’s about monitoring every detail of your progress and most importantly it’s about helping you adopt a mind-set, which means you will not accept failure. You'll have the mental toughness to make positive advances every day, in all aspects of your life.

  Sport Specific Training 

Whether you compete at an international level, you're a young athlete coming through the ranks within your sport or simply play for recreational purposes, you'll appreciate that 1 inch or 1 hundredth-of-a-second can be the difference between winning and losing. So how can you gain that extra edge within your sport?  

The answer is 1966 JM Training Sports Performance Programme. I design my programmes by taking the specific movements of our client’s sport and genetic make-up into consideration. I then build an individual programme aiming to improve performance by increasing speed and power, whilst also identifying and addressing areas of weakness and instability to help reduce the potential for injury. 

My aim is to train my athletes using functional movements, which mirror the demands of their sport. With my knowledge and the use of my private gym, athletes of any level can reach the peak of their performance without any distractions. I will be with you on your journey every step of the way. 

Achieve the dream. 

Jamie McGuinness      

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